About this Auction

Thanks for visiting the Fighting for Izzy online auction site! This page will benefit Izzy Mattocks and her family as they endure treatment for Neuroblastoma. More on Izzy’s story can be found on her blog and fundraising facebook page. Feel free to browse, bid on items and services, and even donate items to be auctioned!

TO BROWSE, simply scroll down. You may also choose a specific category to browse on the right hand side of the page.

TO BID, please first read the item description thoroughly. There is a valued price for the item, a minimum opening bidding price, and a minimum increment price. If placing an opening bid, the value MUST be at least the minimum opening price (feel free to bid more!). If placing a subsequent bid, please be sure to increase the value of your bid by at least the minimum increment price. In order for your bid to be valid, you are required to provide your first name and a valid email address (this is the only way we can contact you to notify you if you win the item). Type your bid price in the Reply section. If you would like to be notified if you are outbid, simply click the “notify me” button. An email will be sent any time someone bids on that particular item.

TO WIN: Each item’s specific auction closing date and time is listed within it’s description. The last bidder on the comments section for each particular item will be the winning bidder. Any bids after that date and time are not valid (For example: Ending time is 10:00 pm, the final bid may be taken up to 9:59pm. Any bid at 10:00 and beyond is not valid). Please note that the winner will be required to make a payment via PAYPAL for the winning bid price to the Mattocks family BY DECEMBER 15th, 2012. Directions for payment will be provided with your notification of your winning bid. Items will be shipped to you, or you can arrange for item pickup with the donator, if possible.

Feedback? Questions? Have something to donate? Please direct these to us via inbox on our facebook page.

Ready to start shopping and bidding? Head to our HOME PAGE!


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