{Handmade Woman’s Hat and Scarf}

Angela Riley Hat and Scarf

Handmade Woman’s Hat and Scarf

ITEM  VALUE is $25.

Minimum starting bid is $10.
Bidding increments must be at least $2.
Bidding for this item ends at 10PM December 12th, and payment must be made by December 16th.
Please read below for instructions on how to place your bid, and our ABOUT section for additional info.
Good luck, and thanks for Fighting for Izzy!
Please leave a reply below in order to bid on this item. Provide only your first name, a valid e-mail address where you can be contacted if you are the winning bidder, and the price of your bid in the reply section. Please provide bids in increments specified above in the item’s description. To receive email notification when this item is bid on by another person, please click the notification box. Questions referring to any item or bidding procedure may be submitted as an inbox message on http://www.facebook.com/fightingforizzy.

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